Project Description


Small Blister packing Machine DPB-100/140

Flat-plate Automatic Blister packing Machine is specially designed for hospital dosage room, laboratory institute, health care product, middle-small pharmacy factory, and featured by compact machine body, easy ops ration, multi function, stroke adjustable, It is suiable for the ALU-PVC. package of Medicine, food, electric parts etc.

Patent NO.:
ZL.95225104.3  ZL.99200565.5  ZL.99226039.6  ZL.94246731.0  ZL.96245166.5  ZL.97214863.9  ZL.99113550.4

Data Sheet

Punch Frequency8-35 Times/min8-35 Times/min
Capacity2100 Blister/h(Standrd80×57mm)4200 Blister/h(Standrd80×57mm)
Max forming area and depthstandard250*110*10standard250*110*10
Can be customized to250*160*26Can be customized to250*160*26
(Punching frequency<25times/min)(Punching frequency<25times/min)
Standard Blister80×57mm, 80×35mm, 95×65mm, 105×42mm, 105×55mm
(can be designed au use’s requirements)
Air Supply0.15m3/min0.15m3/min
(Self-contained) Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa(Self-contained) Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Total Power380V/220V 50Hz 1.8kw380V/220V 50Hz 3.2kw
Main Motor Power0.55kw0.75kw
PVC hard pieces0.15-0.5×115mm0.15-0.5×140mm
PTP Aluminum Foil0.02-0.035×115mm0.02-0.035×140mm
Dialectic Paper50-100g/m2×115mm50-100g/m2×140mm
Mould Coolingtap water or recyle water 60L/h
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)1600×500×1200mm2300×560×1410mm