Project Description


DPB360J-ZHJ200 Oral liquid(Ampoule)special blister packaging Machine And cartoning Machine automatic production line

The system is based on the aluminum plastic blister packaging machine and the automatic box loading machine, adding the tropical aluminum forming and sealing station, making the product packaging more sealing, moisture-proof and light proof, and improving the product grade, adding the intelligent robot for linkage production, which is suitable for the product packaging of pharmaceutical, food, medical equipment, health products and other industries.

Hualian company has developed the latest balcony type high-speed aluminum plastic blister packaging machine with 30 years of experience in producing blister packaging machine. The machine adopts the design concept of clean and humanized in different areas, which has the characteristics of avoiding pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance, comprehensive operation and monitoring means, so as to significantly improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers, and comprehensively solves the problem The traditional model cleaning and maintenance is not convenient, mold replacement trouble. This model has been granted the patent certificate of utility model by the State Patent Office. This machine is the first one in the world.

Technical characteristics

  1. High yield and high efficiency
  2. Mold can be replaced quickly
  3. Material saving by product blanking
  4. More beautiful straight line connection
  5. Formula parameters can be called quickly
  6. It can return to the original point for servo multi axis synchronous adjustment

Data Sheet (Blister packing machine)

Max capacity100plates per minute
Packing materialStandard PVC hard sheet: 0.15-0.5×360
Average hole diameter of roll: 70-76mm
Air consumption≥0.5m3/h (Self-contained) pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould coolingtap water or recycle water 60L/h
Total power10kw
Overall dimension12000×1500×1850(L×W×H)

Data Sheet (Automatic cartoning machine)

Max capacity200 boxes per minute
Carton sizeMax. 200×120×60mm
Leaflet sizeMin. 50×20×15mm(L×W)
Max. 260×180mm
Min. 115×100mm(L×W)
Air consumption≥0.15m3/h (Self-contained) pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power4.5kw