Project Description


ALU-PVC-ALU (Tropical ALU) Blister Packing Machine DPB-270/360JL

ALU-PVC-ALU(Tropical ALU) blister Packing Machine adds forming and sealing of tropical aluminum on the basis of 270/360J series blister packing machine in order to improve the way of sealing, moisture-proof and light-avoiding, and raise the product level, It is widely used to pack all kind of products in pharmacy and medical health fields.

Main features

Adopts the theory of 270J series blister packing position can be adjusted and accurately.

It adapts the body-division mechanism to avoid the inconvenience of transfer due to the length of the body 1.88m by mounting up the forming and seal in assembly. This machine use serve double drive structure re. it can avoid synchronized bubble break cause by sudden machine stop It also can conveniently realize photocell register function, and serve air clip clip drive function at the meanwhile, it also fastens the adjustment caused during mould change. With this structure. you can also set the dive distance on hunman-machine interface.

Data Sheet

Punch Frequency10-35 times/min10-35 times/min
Capacity5400 (Blister/h)7200 (Blister/h)
Max forming area depth(Standard)≤250×110mm  (Max)250×140mm(Standard)≤330×110mm (Max)330×140mm
Stroke(Standard)30-120mm (Max)160mm
Standard blister70×98mm( can be designed as user’s requirements)
Main motor power2.2kw
Total Power380V/220V 50HZ 10kw
Packing materialPVC in pharma0.15-0.5 × 270mm0.15-0.5 × 360mm
Glued PTP aluminum foil0.02-0.035×270 mm0.02-0.035×360 mm
Tropical aluminum0.09-0.15×270 mm0.09-0.15×270 mm
Hole diameter of roll70-76mm70-76mm
Mould coolingtap water or recycle water 60L/h
Air Supply0.6-0.8Mpa 0.3m3/min.6-0.8Mpa 0.3m3/min
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)5360×850×1750mm5360×950×1750mm